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개 요 14U Shelf, compliant with AdvancedTCA* specifications
Achieves high availability by using redundant ?48 VDC power, redundant management modules, and industry-leading power and thermal capabilities.
A hot-swappable fan tray assembly supports the demanding telecommunications application environment with efficient front-to-rear cooling (up to 200 W per slot) and multiple levels of internal redundancy.

Built-in power entry module with enhanced power filtering and management capabilities No external rack level power distribution is needed
Saves rack space and cost
Suppresses transients and oscillations in power line
Uniform airflow cooling
Maintains consistent and required air flow through the chassis (no dead spots) even in the event of a fan failure
Scalable backplane design
Each differential pair can provide >5 Gbps of bandwidth providing the necessary bandwidth for future applications
Removable filter tray Supports filter changes without requiring a fan shutdown
Integrated cable management Front and rear cable management keeps cables out of the way when inserting or removing blades
Product Highlights Height : 24.4 in. (61.98 cm)
Node Slots : 14
Number of Fans : 6
Power/Slot : 200W

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