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Product Overview

The NIC42XX Card family is a fully-integrated RoHS-compliant PCIe Network Interface Service card that provides flexible processing capabilities for development of telecommunications and other data processing intensive applications.

The NIC42XX Card Family of intelligent Gigabit Ethernet network interface cards (NICs) targets secure network services and compression acceleration in security, storage and networking appliances with up to 12~24Gbps performance

NIC42XX Card provide OCTEONĘ‚ CN54/55/56/57XX which contains a variable hardware accelerator built-in. In case of Security Accelerator, it provides a high performance in IPSec protocol processing through hardware processing with DES/3DES/AES code algorithm and MD5/SHA solving algorithm. The TCP Accelerator providing a concurrent processing for each application flow through the hardware pre-processing in L2-L4 layer. The primary unit of accelerator is a packet order unit to execute it as concurrent processing of sixteen cores. This OCTEONĘ‚ CN54/5/6/7XX provides the high performances because of all packets are handled to parallel or pipeline method.

The NIC42XX Card Family is a network interface module with GbE serial links that provide the main Data Plane traffic connection. The NIC42XX integrates a PCIe interface to provide access to the local bus for the main control and data plane connection.

The NIC42XX provides four 10/100/1000 Base-T/TX interface in front panel

Soldered NOR Flash provides 16M of non-volatile memory for boot, environment and application code storage. The NIC42XX provides Compact Flash Memory Socket(CF Type-I) for root file systems and mass storage. The NIC42XX provides boot-up services, device drivers and Linux Support Package (LSP).

ASN-Gateway Software Components

Item Specification
Physical Dimension Standard Half length / Full height / PCIe standard Single slot
Dimension 6.6°Ī(L) x 4.2°Ī(W) x 0.6°Ī(T)
Processor & Memory Processor Cavium Networks OCTEONĘ‚ CN54/55/56/57XX series. 500MHz to 800MHz, 6 core to 12 core
SDRAM Memory Two registered DDR2 Mini-RDIMM modules with ECC. Each module contains up to 2GB. Data-rate up to 800Mt/s
Flash Boot On Board 16MB NOR Flash
CF Compact Flash Memory Socket (Type-1)
Interfaces specification Ethernet 1000BASE-T, 1000BASE-TX, 10/100/1000 Mbps, Half- and full- duplex with auto MDIX
Front I/O Connector 4 x RJ45 for Gigabit Ethernet with status LED
PCIE Bus connector PCI Express 1x8 Edge fingers according to the PCIe specifications.
PCI Data path PCI Express x8 or x4 lane
PCI compliance PCIe v1.1 standard
LED Indication System DC-DC PLL OK, User Define LED
Interface Link/Act and Speed LEDs for Each Ports
Debugging & Management UART Two UART ports. (Front bracket (stereo jack) & Board header)
JTAG/EJTAG Boards support JTAG for debugging and Full Fault Insertion Testing
Sensor Core and board Temperature Sensor
Power requirement Up to 25W taken from the PCIe connector when running in low power PCIe determines the max power that can be drawn from each voltage rail. In the high power mode the board will be driven by a combination of power from the PCIe edge connector and the external power connector
Environmental Specification Internal Card Cooling Passive Heat Sink or Heat Sink with Fan
Operating Temperature 0 °… to 50 °… at sea level. A fan/heatsink combination should be used to ensure the thermal performance of the card.
Operating humidity 10% to 95% non-condensing
Storage Temperature -40 °… to 85 °…
Emission standard TBD
Safety Compliant TBD
RoHS(Lead-free) ROHS-6 compliant
Low Voltage Directive TBD

NIC42XX Features



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