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Products & Solution > LB5100 ASN Gateway  

ASN-Gateway Software Feature

a) standards
- IEEE 802.16
- IEEE 802.16e
- WiMAX forum Network Architecture Stage 3 Release 1, version 1.2.1, Profile C

b) Interfaces
- R6 Interface to the Base Station
- R4 Interface for Inter-gateway
- R3 Interface to Radius and the Home Agent

c) Network Management
- SNMP Agent and CLI Interface

d) Performance - higher than 2Gbps throughput

ASN-Gateway Software Components

a) Lanbird Linux OS - Kernel + driver + utilities
b) SDK from Cavium Networks -- toolchain (cross/native)
c) Routing Suite (Quagga)
d) FPCM (Fast-Path Control Manager)
e) FP (Fast-Path code) - IPv4/v6 L3 forwarding f) ASN Gateway Features (R3/R4/R6 Interface)

ASN-Gateway Software Architecture

Performance Result of Lanbird LB5100 ASN-Gateway

Lanbird LB5100 Feature


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