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제 목 Lanbird Delivers WiMAX Wireless Infrastructure applications for Cavium Networks` OCTEON™ Multi-core MIPS64 Processor Family
작성자 관리자 작성일 2007-10-23 조회 11289

Lanbird Delivers WiMAX Wireless Infrastructure applications for Cavium Networks' OCTEON™ Multi-core MIPS64 ® Processor Family

Enables Rapid ASN Gateway Product Deployment for Network Equipment Providers Using OCTEON Processors

Santa Clara, Calif. October 23, 2007 – Lanbird Techonology, leading developer and OEM/ODM manufacturer for AdvancedTCA™ line cards , today announced the ASN Gateway application suite and availability of professional services, that enables network equipment providers to reduce their cost of software development and significantly reduce their development cost and time-to-market. The ASN Gateway application suite has been optimized for the Cavium Networks' (NASDAQ:CAVM) OCTEON™ Multi-core MIPS64® processor family. Lanbird Technology's ASN GW Application suite and related professional services are available immediately.

“Lanbird Technology's hardware and software solutions for Cavium's OCTEON based ATCA platforms are already being used by our customers and service providers in the wireless infrastructure market,” said YJ Kim, director of OCTEON marketing at Cavium Networks. “We are pleased to see Lanbird offer its WiMAX application suite optimized for our OCTEON processor line, along with professional services, to enable leading performance and faster time to market for our mutual customers.”

Lanbird Technology has nearly a decade of providing application software with fast path, service, and control plane optimizations. The WiMAX ASN Gateway application suite and related professional services for the OCTEON processor family leverages this expertise to offer OEMs a reliable and ready-to-use feature-rich solution available today.

Lanbird Technology ASN GW application includes:
  • ASN Gateway R3/R4/R6 interface features

  • Routing Suite – RIP, OSPF, BGP, IPv6/IPv4

  • N+1 redundancy support

  • Lanbird Technology development kit support for OCTEON processors and Cavium SDK/Toolkit

“We are seeing the rapid adoption of OCTEON multi-core processors in 3G, LTE, UMB, and WiMAX wireless infrastructure equipment,” said John Park, founder and chief executive officer of Lanbird Technology. “With the Lanbird Technology ASN GW application solution and professional services available, both OEMs and service providers can easily adopt and quickly deploy leading edge carrier-class WiMAX gateway solutions,” he said.

Cavium Networks OCTEON MIPS64 processor family

The Cavium Networks OCTEON family of Multi-Core MIPS64 processors offers industry leading performance, scalability, low-power and advanced hardware acceleration for intelligent networking and wireless applications ranging from 100Mbps to full-duplex 10Gbps. These software-compatible processors, with one to sixteen cnMIPS cores on a single chip, integrate next-generation networking interfaces, memory controller, advanced hardware acceleration for packet processing, QoS, TCP, multi-core scaling, compression/decompression, pattern matching, storage and security with latest processor peripherals in a single chip. Additionally the OCTEON processor family provides unparallel throughput and general purpose programmability for Layer 2 through Layer 7 processing required for building next-generation intelligent networks.

About Lanbird technology
LANBIRD Technology is a leading developer and OEM/ODM manufacturer for AdvancedTCA™ line cards. LANBIRD AdvancedTCA™ solution provides the answers to the high performance issues on the complexity of today's networks. LANBIRD's years of experience has offered solutions to many complex networking architectures, telco-oriented platforms and Carrier Grade Linux for Next Generation Networks. LANBIRD is the first company to introduce a production ready dual-Octeon ATCA board on the market. LANBIRD products are ideally suited for mobile infrastructures such as IMS, ASN Gateway, GGSN, PDSN or any application requiring high performance network services. LANBIRD software solution focuses on enhancing the performance output of any Octeon based solutions as the Data Plane elements of LANBIRD's solution increases packet processing power.


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